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Organic Latex Body Pillow

Organic Spiral Latex Interior – Plush Bamboo Cover

Our patented organic spiral latex interior provides full body support and comfort for snuggling. Shape it however you please to keep you from tossing-and-turning.

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The Perfect Snuggle Buddy for Full Body Orthopedic Support

A Better Night’s Sleep for Expecting Mothers

Body pillows are essential for expecting mothers due to the sensitive needs required by the fetus and the limited movement of mom. The position and support the body pillow provides to the back, neck, shoulder, and legs during sleep greatly improves the comfort mothers need as their body changes. The pillow holds mothers in a comfortable half-fetal position, relieving pain and preventing mothers from waking tired, sore, and stiff.

1.Organic Spiral Latex Interior

The interior of the body pillow consists of cushy and supportive organic spiral latex. The specially-engineered spiral shape give the latex responsive volume that is as lightweight as feathers, yet supportive like memory foam.

2.Plush Bamboo Cover

The outer cover is an all-natural soft and plush bamboo material with naturally-occurring antimicrobial and hypoallergenic properties that fight germs and dust accumulation.

100% Organic Latex Interior

We use 100% organic latex material for the soft and supportive interior of our pillow. This pure and contaminate-free material assures the health of you and the environment.

Proudly Made in the State of California

We proudly develop and manufacture all our products in the United States in the state of California, keeping valuable skilled-labor jobs right here at home.

Product Details & Specification

Country of Origin: Designed and assembled in the USA with Material from the United States & Indonesia.
Contstruction & Material: 100% Bamboo
60% Polyester
40% Bamboo
100% Organic Latex
Measurements & Dimensions: 52 L x 12 Diameter, weight 6 lbs
Warranty: 3 Year Warranty
Return Policy & Satisfaction Guarentee: 111 Night Risk-Free Satisfaction Guarantee. Return Within 111 Nights of Purchase for Full Refund.