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WooSa is What WooSa Does

WooSa is the culmination of 25 years of experience crafting the most well-researched and clinically-tested pillows for a great night’s rest. Applying patented technology and innovative manufacturing practices, we have mastered comfort and luxury without sacrificing the safety of you, your home or the environment.

How Our Dream Came True

It all began with a dream to inspire. Believing that great sleep tonight should be afforded to all, we embarked to design the perfect pillow that isn’t just comfortable, but also adaptable and safe. By creating bedding that is designed for optimal orthopedic support, shapeability and safety, WooSa can bring better health and happiness to sleepers everywhere regardless of age, condition, or preference.

Comfort Matched by Safety

We provide the comfort you need and the safety you require. Our patented proprietary gel-memory foam blend and organic spiral latex allows any sleep type to find the right fit, while clinical trials demonstrate they also relieve sleep-induced neck, back, and hip stiffness. Each pillow WooSa manufactures exceeds the industry’s chief purity and quality standards, ensuring the use of materials are safe for both you and the environment.

Sleep You Can Feel Good About

We here at WooSa are strongly opposed to outsourcing, which is why we proudly call California home to our cutting-edge manufacturing facility. We keep hundreds of skilled labor jobs here in the USA and operate under a “Green Conscious” methodology. Throughout every phase of production, we consider our precious environment. We source raw material from inside the U.S.A., integrate recycled material whenever and wherever possible, power using bio-fuel generation, and only manufacture non-toxic material.